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Round Barrow

Round Barrow 250m North of Cowesby Wood Kepwick North Yorkshire

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This site aims to list every scheduled monument in the British Isles. Each monument page includes the geographic location of the monument and, where possible, Google and OS maps of the location. Where available, the official monument description is also shown.

As well as the official data, we also have user-contributed notes and photos. Over time, this is expected to build to a comprehensive user-contributed database of Britian's ancient monuments.

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Round Hut and Cairns on NW Slope of Braich Ddu Arthog Gwynedd

The map reference that appears on this web page is totally wrong. It should be something like SH 634 122.

Gerry Skinner, 1 May 2017

Bellmanpark Lime Kilns and Part of an Associated Tramway 180m North West of Bellman Farm Clitheroe Lancashire

I remember my gran used to tell me that she had an aunty who lived at bankfield cottage,which apparantly was at the other side of the main line from carters lime works,and she used to cut through the lime works and accross the railway to get there.So i am assuming [...]

martin wrigley, 23 April 2017

Round Barrow 200m North East of Priests' Spar Quarry Osmotherley North Yorkshire

Bowl Barrow

marlies barlow, 22 April 2017

Vignoles Bridge Coventry West Midlands

The Vignoles bridge was constructed in 1835 in Tipton to a design by Charles Vignoles. Originally built to span the Coventry to Oxford canal it was moved to its present site, to the West of Coventry city centre, in 1969. Thomas Telford used this design of bridge extensively in the canal [...]

John Rubidge, 31 March 2017

Bowl Barrow on Churchland Green 350m West of Coldharbour Farm Loddiswell Devon

The name 'Churchlands Green',seems significant The stillborn,who had not been baptised, could not be buried in consecrated ground,and neither could the outstanding and obvious sinners, usually prostitutes. An alternative had to be found,and it must be likely that Churchlands fulfilled this need for three parishes.This in addition to being a [...]

Richard West, 30 March 2017

Fosterdown or Pilgrim Fort: a London Mobilisation Centre Caterham Valley Surrey

I went Pilgrims Fort in Spring 1974, I was at Woodside Juniors. I had a fab time, I remember the camp beds were on concrete bases and we had to build a camp fire n make tea, food was good. Best school trip ever.

Sharon Evans, 17 March 2017

Storeton Hall, Bebington Wirral Merseyside

Elder William de Stanleigh 1337-1398 probably built Storeton Hall (still standing SJ3084) HTTP://stannleyroots.co.uk/the northwest.htm "The Stanley's of Storeton in Chester". He is a direct great grandfather of mine.

Deborah Goldenberg, 9 March 2017

Romano-British settlements in Wombwell Wood Barnsley South Yorkshire

within 25/30m of the monument there is the surface remains of a british romano hill fort, and int the woodland behind thisis an iron age circle.

george clement, 23 February 2017

Trecarrell Hall and chapel Lezant Cornwall

I am researching the Honychurch family and have come across the following 1331 Robert Honychurch At Westminster on the octave of St. John the Baptist 5 Ed III (1July1331) Before William de Herle, John de Stonor, Robert de Malberthorp, John de Cantibrigg, John Travers, and John Inge, justices and others. Between Henry [...]

Robin Thornton, 17 February 2017

St Hilda's Holy Well Hinderwell North Yorkshire

The Well became a place of pilgrimage during the Middle Ages, as the water was said to have healing properties particularly for eye diseases. It was once the only water supply for Hinderwell village. An open air service is held at the well every July. A new thirty mile trail [...]

Anthea Ellis, 16 February 2017

Round Barrow on Gerrick Moor Known As Herd Howe Lockwood North Yorkshire

About 600 yards ESE of Herd Howe is Gerrick Moor Standing Stone – Photo uploaded

John D Hunter, 11 February 2017

Nith Bridge, cross 180m W of Dumfries and Galloway Dumfries and Galloway

Grid reference is correctly NX 86894 95471, not SN 86894 95471

Mike Rayner, 22 January 2017

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