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Pillow Mounds

Douthwaite Pillow Mounds Hutton-le-Hole North Yorkshire

Ancient Monuments

This site aims to list every scheduled monument in the British Isles. Each monument page includes the geographic location of the monument and, where possible, Google and OS maps of the location. Where available, the official monument description is also shown.

As well as the official data, we also have user-contributed notes and photos. Over time, this is expected to build to a comprehensive user-contributed database of Britian's ancient monuments.

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Giants Hedge, Lerryn to Lanreath Lanreath Cornwall

This Hedge is not a boundary. It follows an ancient track way and because of the proximity of Bronze age barrows might date back to the bronze age.Croft Andrew in the 1930s was looking for a 7C boundary similar to Offa's Dyke identified by Sir Fox. Walk it imagining you [...]

Jack Major, 23 July 2015

Roman villa 300yds (270m) SSW of Holcombe Farm Uplyme Devon

A "clarissima femina" who was a civis Dumnonia, buried at Salona at the beginning of the fifth century (Diehl, Inscr. Lat. Christ. Vet., I, 1924-31, no. I85) , must have had large estates in Devonshire to have been of senatorial rank. Her British mansion may well have been the villa [...]

Shaun May, 18 July 2015

Pont Tai-Hirion Old Bridge Llanycil Gwynedd

My father, Robert Edwards (deceased), of Frongoch, Bala, rebuilt this bridge. I do not remember when, but 70 & 80's spring to mind. At the time he was employed by the Welsh Water Authority as a stonemason. It was thought to be of Roman origin, but then I heard it [...]

Ann Jones, 17 July 2015

Eston Nab Hill Fort, Palisaded Settlement and Beacon Guisborough North Yorkshire

Regarding attached notes to the photo that I have uploaded entitled Obelisk at Eston Nab. It states that the original Watch Tower was built by Thomas Jackson Lazenby this is incorrect it should read Thomas Jackson of Lackenby

John D Hunter, 16 July 2015

Churchyard Cross in St Andrew's Churchyard, Pound Green Brockley Suffolk

There should be some sort of monument or acknowledgment to the Drake family who were Reverend John Alexander Drake of Brockley St Andrews for about 30 years from 1865 to 1890. They resided at the rectory and i have no photos of them at all - very strange. 13 children [...]

Louise Drake, 10 July 2015

Altyre, old parish church Moray Moray

Recently visited this old kirk on the Altyre Estate in Forres, Moray. It is thought to go back to the 1200's. It has an old kirkyard around it with just a couple of stones sticking up out of the ground. There are probably a lot more that don't show above [...]

Penny Stronach Valladares, 7 July 2015

St Hilda's Holy Well Hinderwell North Yorkshire

Old photos show a hand pump which was installed sometime before 1900. This was dismantled in 1912 and Hilda Gertrude Montgomery Palmer (1884 – 1946) of Grinkle Park had the present day sandstone structure built with water supposedly flowing from a chamber behind. Then through a small inlet [...]

John D Hunter, 6 July 2015

Balkerne Gate Colchester Essex

The ruin of the only remaining Roman gateway in the town wall. It is a remarkable monument and the best preserved of any Roman gateway in the country.

Collin West, 2 July 2015

Round Barrow 400m West of Old Castle Hill Lockwood North Yorkshire

This barrow is very low lying and barely visible . Unable to get a decent photo as it just blends in with the surrounding vegetation. Maybe when the heather is burnt off it may stand out more clearly.

John D Hunter, 21 June 2015

Round Barrow at Cold Moor End, 310m North East of High West Cote Bilsdale Midcable North Yorkshire

Grid Reference should be NZ not SE

John D Hunter, 18 June 2015

Ayton Banks Alum Works Great Ayton North Yorkshire

The Alum works were short lived only lasting seven years from 1765 to 1771 . Ironstone Mining also occurred in this area from 1909 to 1929 and is indicated on the OS map as Ayton Banks Mines (disused)

John D Hunter, 14 June 2015

York Prebendary Manor Moated Site, 300m North West of Hawthorn Farm Riccall North Yorkshire

Mike Salter (The Castles and Tower Houses of Yorkshire) describes the north west projection rising as high as the second storey where it contains a room with a ribbed vault of brick AND the south east corner's square stair turret which turns octagonal higher up and ends with a corbelled-out [...]

Susan Jeffreys, 12 June 2015

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